String speaker® is a true live Virtual Reality / 3D sound system

The most natural sounding system ever developed to be your ultimate music experience!

String speaker | Summus Finis - The Ultimate Goal

String speaker® is a a complete elegant design sound system that allows you to enjoy all of your music with a clear glass like transparency in the highest studio quality available.

Musical 3D Performance

String speaker® is a high tech novice hat allows you to reproduce your favourite music, movie and gaming sound in Virtual reality / 3D with only two loudspeakers.


Virtual Reality 3D Sound. Can that be?
Yes, with only a true 3D recording and a set of two string speakers!
Your entire listening room becomes one big sweet spot.

Virtual Reality 3D sound system

String speaker recreates music in amazing virtual reality at your listening room. It sounds purer and better than traditional stereo or surround sound. 

Listening to your favorite music

Your room will be one big sweet spot. Walk trough the sound image and it feels like you are "there".
You will be amazed about the sonic realism.


The good old stereo lets you only hear sound from left and right and also depth, 2D.
In reality you hear sound from all sides, also sound from above and on the ground.

Music playback

As in the real world your hearing can follow different sound from different angles. With string speakers you now can freely move through sound and no longer need to be centered in relationship to the loudspeakers.

Recording & Mixing

As a sound engineer you want to have absolute detailed control over recording and mixing in all dimensions. With our software technologies you can create a fully omnidirectional soundfield.


Mono sound is a primitive way to play back music, but still far from our lives. Mobile phones and tablets still use mono.

String speaker | Summus Finis - The Ultimate Goal