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Modern yet solid technology

String speaker - an acoustic marvel

We have carefully chosen several cutting-edge technologies to create the string speakers phenomenal acoustic performance.

It all starts with your music source. If the source is digital, it will reach the string speaker panel without any transitions.
No harm what soever is done to your recording.
The string speaker Inteligence System even compares the sound signal between the systems input and speaker panel. It even corrects any disruptions on the fly.

Then the string speaker Inteligence system reproduces from any (ordinary) stereo recording the original acoustic recording room or recording site characteristics along with the stereo music signal.

To reproduce the original music and its acoustic ambiance in your room, all differences between the original recording place and your room are compensated.

Because your ears want to hear realistic soundlevels at any frequency the string speaker Inteligence Center corrects  human ear deviations fully.

spectrogram ear sensitivity for sound

- ear sensitive for sound

- ear insensitive for sound

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