About string speaker

My I introduce myself, I'm Michael Sonder, creator of the string speaker music reproduction concept and founder of the string speaker company.

I'm living music reproduction. In other words, listening to music is my favorite activity.

Back in the '90s I noticed that music reproduction by stereo recordings, played on solid state or tube equipment, was a kind of disabled music reproduction. Any comparrison between live music and reproduced music was crippled.

I thought; "Music recordings earn more than vague replay." The question was how to realise that?

After many years of experimenting with flat panel loud speakers, in 2008 I finaly got a break trough in the technology. I was able to produce and reproduce string speakers and started the string speaker company. From there it went up hill.

By working together with many high tech companies and scientist in the field we ware able to build unique audio equipment and audio software. The result is our unique Auraphonic music reproduction system.

Since than I listen every day to live music in my own living room and at the office!

Be warned, listening to Auraphonic music is addictive!

I sincerely hope you too can enjoy Auraphonic music soon.

Michael H.G. Sonder