What is Auraphonics?

Auraphonics® means sound around you

Your livingroom is one big hotspot.

Auraphonics® is the difference between fake and real music reproduction

Like in real live, sound comes from all directions and is highly influenced by it's surroudings i.e. your livingroom. Since there is no standard recording room but many different recording places, every recording sounds differently. Only by using Auraphonics® and string speakers you can hear the original music like you are realy "there"!

What is the difference between Auraphonics® and Stereo?

Auraphonics® is the successor of Stereophonics

The difference between Auraphonics® and Stereophonics is at least the same as the difference between Monophonics and Stereophonics.

Auraphonics® is easy to understand high tech sound processing

String speaker uses extremely advanced computer software and computer hardware to produce Auraphonic® music out of any regular stereo recording.

The string speaker sound system will not only play the regular stereo sound but in addition retreives and allso adds any ambiant sound information from the original recordingplace to it. The result is Auraphonic® music.

When listening to Auraphonic® music with your eyes  closed, you are realy there, at the place of recording. You can feel the with of the stage and pinpoint depth and hight of all independent sound sources.