Listen to your favourite music like you are there!

Stream an infinite selection of music through WiFi: string speakers can play any music from your smart phone, tablet, laptop, PC, NAS or even your record player. You can access online streaming sites or your personal music collection the way you want it.  
Play your music or watch films with stunning sound experience. Fill your room with beautiful music!

Product features

* Auraphonic® sound - live 3D sound reproduction
* more music out of regular stereo recording
* true ear response and room correction
* omni directional - listening angle: 2 x 165º

Music Quality

* high resolution > 32bit/382 kHz
* ultra fast - extremely sensitive
* streaming audio
* bit perfect

Design and usability

* all music sources – digital and analogue audio
* any size / any shape / any painting or photo
* just one speaker panel - 02564in - 1cm thin!
* controlled by hand movement

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