From Stereo to Virtual Reality 3D sound

Stereo creates only the illusion of multi-directional audible perspective in the horizontal plane. So one can hear only differences between left and right and partly depth.

Because there is no vertical localization a real live 3D reproduction of sound is not possible with stereo or stereo based solutions. Contemporary recordings like Dolby Atmos and Auro 3D are just mimicking 3D effects for surround multichannel speaker systems. Hence, you need to install a multi speaker system in your living room.

How to create true 3D sound reproduction?

String speaker delivers Real 3D sound with only two loudspeakers!

To be able to listen to 3D sound, the music must be recorded and/or mixed in 3D.

Within the range of the string speakers, a true 3d sound image is placed that matches the recording.
You no longer have to sit exactly between the loudspeakers. You can sit anywhere and the sound remains realistic and pure.

So you can watch a movie with several people, and each one hears the sound optimally, but from a different angle. Just as you would hear it in reality.

For those who play games, it even is no longer necessary to wear headphones.