Listen to your favourite music like you are there!

Play your favorite music, watch movies or play games with stunning real 3D sound experience.

How does the 3D audio concept work?

First of all Virtual Reality / 3D music playback needs 3D music recordings. 

Secondly you only need a pair, yes only two, string speakers to playback music in full Virtual Reality / 3D.

Is that realy all?

Yes it is, as simple as that!

The only thing you need to do is to place the loudspeakers at some distance from the wall behind it. That is necessary to get a realistic sound image. Remember that in real the musicians don't even play with their backs against a wall.


Stereo, multichannel and surround are basically 2D muisic projections.

Virtual Reality / 3D Sound

In case of multichannel / surround recordings the suggestion of hight is added in the mixing process. This produces a pseudo 3D sound, which is clearly perceptible when listening to music. We humans can hear that this is not real.

Virtual Reality / 3D audio adds a third axis to the sound image. This allows you to not only hear differences between the sound left, right and depth, but also height.